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Our Latest Articles

  • Cafeluța de dimineață
    Dedicat iubitorilor de cafea care abuzează de energia pe care aceasta o generează.
  • Back to School… Now What?
    The start of school can be overwhelming. You’ve just had a few months of freedom and you know what’s coming next: stress, deadlines, homework, and a little bit more stress. If I’m being honest, the first weeks of school was purely chaotic for me and probably for most of you too. If you’re like me and you find going back to the old mornining school routine difficult then follow the tips I’ve gathered in this article to make this year the best academic year of your life.
  • What did Queen Elizabeth II Leave Behind?
    We gathered virtually here to pay our respects to the longest-reigning British monarch in history. Nah, who am I kidding? We all gotta confess we got struck by the fact that she couldn’t reach the century. However, after the unfortunatevery sad announcement of Her Majesty’s death on 8 September, many of us are taking a moment to pause and reflect on the incredible impact that Queen Elizabeth II had had on the world – and on levelling the playing field for women everywhere.
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